Les Anses Résonantes

Les Anses résonantes - Relief de l’invisible is a unique collaborative project where composition, lutherie, double bass interpretation and sound design meet to deploy an astonishing and sensitive point of view on the double bass. The project brings together double bass player Stéphane Diamantakiou, composer Sébastien Sauvageau, sound engineer Ludovic Bonnier, and luthier Benoît Lavoie.

Les Anses Résonantes is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts

Le Double

Based on the sound concept of Dub, Stéphane Diamantakiou 

Double's brings together 5 musicians with unique approaches for a unique sound experience.
(Creation in progress)

13 Lunar Meditations: Summoning the Witches

Summoning the Witches is a project by Ayelet Rose Gottlieb. On this magnificently eclectic record and bringing together an incredible team, Ayelet set to music texts written by 13 different women on the theme of the moon.


Led by drummer Ivan Bamford, the group offers interpretation of Thomas Chapin's repertoire, as well as original compositions. A byte formula called ‘Apocalypse 8’ also exists, paying homage to Chapin's compositions in large ensemble.

An album in nonet of unpublished compositions by the saxophonist is scheduled for spring 2021 on the Corne de Brume label.

This project is supported by the Quebec Council of Arts and Letters
and the Montreal Arts Council.

Eyevin Trio received in October 2019 the "François Marcaurelle" Prize, rewarding the most outstanding show of the 20th edition of the OFF Festival de Jazz de Montréal.


The Oumigmag is first and foremost “musk ox” in Inuktitut, a distant and mysterious animal that lives on the edge of reality near the Arctic Circle. It is also six seasoned and inventive musicians brought together by the composer, poet and guitarist Sébastien Sauvageau since spring 2015. Their research: to be inhabited by the strong force of the Oumigmag. A force that lies between contemplation and spontaneous gesture. Their musical and poetic universe takes root in traditional music and contemporary jazz. Whether in finely composed moments or fiery improvisations, soul and heart meet for a unique musical moment.

This project is supported by the Quebec Council of Arts and Letters and

the Canada Council for the Arts.

Habitant, the band's second album has been listed in the 2019 ICI Musique Best Albums list.


Togetherness! is a Montreal quintet whose music has its roots in South Africa, performing the compositions of Abdullah Ibrahim, Dudu Pukwana, Johnny Dyani, William Parker, Don Cherry and Ellwood Epps. Togetherness! mixes a highly unified group sound, exciting and surprising collective improvisations that aim to uplift the group and listeners together.

PasoDoble / Eguiluz trio

Resulting of a long collaboration with singer Géraldine Eguiluz, Paso Doble is a spontaneous exploration of the classical and jazz repertoire. The two musicians find a common playing field there which continues since under different fascinating configurations (Eguiluz trio / Mexhicah bones).